FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH

FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH is a manufacturer in the field of photonics and provides efficient, cost-effective and high-quality customer-specific solutions in the area of fiber optics. The range of products and services include development and production of optical fiber cables for laser beam transmission for industrial and medical applications. Moreover, fiber bundles and probes for spectroscopy, optical fiber coupler and also the development and construction of customer-specific beam guidance systems.

The field of activity covers the assembly of optical fiber cables in the range of wave lengths from UV to Near IR for single- and multimode fibers and included splicing and glass processing technologies for different operations like: fiber lensing, tapering or shaping.

High Power Fiber Cable for industry


  • Connectors: HP-SMA, D-80
  • Mode stripping integrated
  • Power < 1KW
  • Active/passive cooling
  • End caped fibers
  • Fiber core 100 µm to 1000 µm
  • Wave length range: 190µm – 2300µm
  • Numerical aperture: 0.10 – 0.49
  • Customized realisation

Optical fiber bundle for probes and spectroscopy


  • Product types: Fiber-bundles, Reflection probes, 
  • Fiber-matrices Fiber-lines, Temperature probes, 
  • Vacuum feed-throughs, Fiber coupler
  • Customized design
  • PC- and APC-polish to avoid back reflection
  • Various diameters and positioning of the fibers
  • Special protecting hoses and plug connections

Glass processing technologies

  • Fiber splicing, lensing, tapering, shaping
  • Customized design