Your reliable supplier of TeO2 crystals for Acousto-Optical application

Science-Engineering center Elent A Ltd. & Elent Technics Ltd. is a successful Ukrainian manufacturer of TeO2 single crystals since 1992. We specialize in growth of high quality TeO2 crystals with boule sizes up to 100mm (diameter) and 60mm along growth direction (direction [110]).

Our own technology for raw material cleaning allows us to grow crystals with minimum influence of impurity defects on transmission spectrums and this is very important for 355-400nm range. 

Our production facilities allow us to make all optical processing operations, such as raw material cleaning, growth, X-ray orientation, cutting, grinding and optical grade polishing.

Typical TeO2 application is Acousto-Optical devices. АО cell consists of main crystal ТеO2 and piezotransducer. Therefore we’d like to offer typical crystals for the following application:

  • modulators (АОМ) 
  • deflectors (AOD)
  • tunable filters (AOTF)

According to the Customer request, we can also offer TeO2 crystals with both dextrorotatory (+) and levorotatory (-) direction of polarization plane rotation.

Since 2013 we manufacture polarizing optics based on our TeO2 crystals. Polarizing prisms can be used as a substitution of natural calcite (CaCO3) prisms and rutile (TiO2) so as nowadays it is quite complicated to extract last one with good uniformity ratio and sizes for big aperture. Moreover, they can be successfully used for IR range up to 5mkm. We’d like to offer prisms with optical aperture up to 55mm.

  • Glan Polarizing prisms with air clearance for NIR & MIR ranges with high contrast ratio
  • Glued Polarizing Glan prism for VT & VIS ranges with high durability
  • Wollaston prism with symmetrical properties for ordinary & extraordinary rays
  • Beam displacer & Beam polarizers for
    laser beam polarization with minimum power losses
  • Polarizing plates for conoscopic holography and Savart interferometry systems with aperture up to 40mm

Experience our guaranteed high material uniformity as well as regular deliveries and repeatable high quality.