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OPTICS is a true enabling technology, empowering applications in various fields. Edmund Optics® (EO) aims to ENABLE THE FUTURE by focusing on advancing all aspects of life and overcoming technological limitations by providing the right products.

EO® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of optics, imaging products and optical components to industry. Founded in 1942, EO designs and produces a wide array of prisms, lenses, filters, coatings, imaging lenses, imaging systems, opto-mechanical equipment and much more. With a portfolio of about 35.000 products, EO has a large inventory of optical components for immediate delivery and offers products, standard or customized, small quantities or large volume, to various industries. Headquartered in the US, EO holds manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe and the Americas, has a global team of experts in optical design and manufacturing and a highly trained international sales group offering excellent service along the entire value chain – from design to prototype to volume production. EO has what is needed to bring projects to success. The FUTURE DEPENDS ON OPTICS and EO
is ready to support its customers on that journey.

Find out what benefits you when partnering with Edmund Optics!


  • We process and ship 95% of orders the same day.
  • We have more than 80 years of experience in optics and being your trusted advisor along the way.
  • We ranked preferred supplier of optical components for the past 10 years (Readex Research Survey).
  • We are a reliable partner to various industries such as Life Science, Test & Measurement, Quality Assurance, Automatization, Research & University, Automotive, Security and many more.

Capabilities & Service

  • Global optical manufacturing 
  • Free global technical support, applications engineering, over 42.000 technical downloads, and design assistance, online chat – available in
    11 languages
  • About 35.000 optical components available for next day delivery
  • Customizing – We make it!
  • Buy in larger quantities and get a special price – significant volume discounts available!
  • Continuous addition of new products reflecting market needs –
    appreciated by customers with numerous product awards


  • Precision optics, manufactured to exact specifications tested by our advanced team of metrology experts
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified, as well as MIL-SPEC quality systems 
  • Complete testing & metrology services

Global Sales, Design & Manufacturing

With over 284.000 sq. Ft. (26.660 sq. m.) of manufacturing space located in the Americas, Europe and Asia and three world-class design centers, EO is ready to take your next project from design to prototype to volume production.

Our Global Network of sales and manufacturing subsidiaries includes locations in the US, UK, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

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Our Products

You Need It, We Have it!

Edmund Optics has about 35.000 products on stock for immediate delivery plus extensive capability to offer modified stock optics quickly. About 20.000 stock components can be modified starting with 2 weeks delivery time only. Or we manufacture your product according to your design! Contact us today!

Optical lenses, Aspheres, Optical mirrors, Windows or diffusers, Optical filters, Polarizers, Prisms, Beamsplitters, Diffraction gratings, Optics assemblies, Fiber optics, Infrared optics, Ultraviolet optics, Laser optics and more

Modular mounting components, Optical breadboard components or laboratory tables, Optical mounts or plates, Translation stages or slides, Apertures, Optical cage systems and more

Linear, Circular, Crystalline, Wire grid, Polarizing (laminated) films, Polarizing cube beamsplitters, Waveplates / Retarders, VIS, NIR and IR options, Custom polarizer options and more

Laser Optics
Spherical lenses, Cylinder lenses, Aspheric lenses, Laser windows, Laser line coatings, Laser mirrors, Beamsplitters, Beam expanders, Ultrafast components, Waveplates, Filters and more

Imaging lenses, Cameras, Illumination, Mounting accessories, Test targets, Imaging filters, Imaging systems, Imaging electronics, C-Mount, T-Mount or CA-Mount components, Liquid lens technology, Ruggedized products and more

Laser mechanics, Gas lasers, Laser diode systems, Fiber-coupled lasers, Laser diode modules, Laser optics, Laser measurement and electronics, Latseerc shafseptye acn®d more

Also look for our TECHSPEC® products - „Certified Edmund Quality.“ TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Our goal is to offer the finest quality precision components, optics and systems available to meet the service requirements and the expectations of our customers.