Microscopy Products & Precision Positioning Technologies

Since 1955, based on our original branded industrial microscope “Tool Scope”, we have been actively engaged in designing, manufacturing and providing the optical measuring systems.

Tool Scopes & stands, Rollscope, and Velnus

Tool Scope is our original and signature product, with assorted types of stands for holding and focusing.

Rollscope is a metallurgical microscope that allows you to place the body directly on the sample for observation.

Velnus is an inverted metallurgical microscope with built-in LED lighting.

Objective Lens & Zoom Lens

We offer a wide variety of objective lenses not only for our scopes but also for the other brand microscopes such as Nikon and Olympus.

There are also various C-mount zoom lenses with specially designed stands.

Microscope Anti-Vibration Bases

Anti-vibration base reduces the vibration of microscopes. CHUO has several types in the line-up; air suspension type, coil spring type, and
rubber type in different sizes to fit with the microscopes.

MSS (Micro Scanning Stage)

This product is an automatic XY stage suitable for microscopes from major brands such as Nikon or Olympus. We have a wide range of products up to 300 x 300mm moving range.
There are optional accessories of wafer holders and glass plates.

Life Science Products

Product line-up designed for the life science applications is our another area of strength.

The XY motorized stages and focusing systems are designed to fit directly to Nikon, Olympus or Leica microscopes that can be controlled by third-party software such as “Image-Pro”.

CHUO has several other products for optical and precision positioning filed. Please contact us if you have any demand.