CeramOptec GmbH

CeramOptec GmbH, a subsidiary of biolitec, is one of the leading international suppliers of fiber optic solutions for industrial and medical applications. The German company was founded in 1988 and specializes in the production of multimode fiberoptic cables made of quartz glass. In addition, they are manufacturer of optical fibers to produce their own preforms, thus allowing CeramOptec to provide the entire manufacturing process under one roof. That way, the company is not only able to produce standardized fiber optic components, but also develops individual fiber configurations and assemblies according to customer-specific requirements. Fiber optic production has been outsourced to Livani/Latvia since 2014. Subsidiaries in Malaysia, China (Shanghai), India (Bangalor) and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) as well as distribution partners in France, the USA, India, Japan and Korea emphasize the company’s international positioning.

Among CeramOptec’s most important developments is the Optran® UVNCC (Non-Circular Core Fibers), whose rectangular core geometry can alter the structure of laser beams, as well as the Optran® UVNSS fibers, which are the first optical fibers that do not darken under the influence of UVlight.


  • Optical fibers
  • Optical fiber cables and bundles
  • Customized optical assemblies for medical and industrial


  • Industrial and medical laser applications
  • Sensor systems in aerospace and semiconductor industry
  • Spectroscopic applications for astronomy and the chemical industry
  • Industrial and medical research and development
  • Nuclear technology
  • Illumination