Development & Production of Optoelectronics

AEMtec is a leading global specialist for the development and production of a variety of precision optoelectronic products, including components, subsystems, modules and complete systems.

Precison optoelectronic Products include Optical Assemblies, Micro-Optics, Imaging Arrays, VCSEL Assemblies, Sensor Systems, Optical MEMs, Hybrid Electronic Assemblies, active and passive alignment.

Our solutions for customer-specific products are highly complex assemblies with precise component placement requirements up to +/-1 μm. Extensive know-how in a broad range of packaging and assembly technologies on multilayer and complex substrates allows us to turn innovative product ideas into functional and reliable solutions.



  • Feasibility Study
  • Risk Analysis
  • DFM Analysis
  • Process and Test Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Traceability Concepts
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Qualification and Industrialization
  • Pilot Production and Series Production

High Standard of Technological Equipment.

  • Cleanroom environment (ISO/class 5/100 to 8/100,000)
  • Wafer Back-End: UBM, Solder Ball Attach, Gold Stud Bumping
  • Chip on Board
  • Flip Chip
  • High Precision Placement
  • SMT
  • Box Build
  • Test and Analysis Equipment


AEMtec provides a complete service portfolio all along the value chain to ensure ideal conditions.
Customers gain value from the various assembly technologies offered from a single source. Rapid time-to-market of products secures customers’ competitive advantage.

AEMtec GmbH – News

Lens array alignment

The alignment and placement of lenses and lens arrays in optical systems is commonplace today. However, the high-precision adjustment of beam-forming optics is a different matter altogether. The ever tighter requirements on the applications, e.g.

AEMtec delivers ‘one-stop-shop’ for optical component requirements

If you need help with wafer treatment, preparation and packaging, offering advice on product and process development as well as volume production - all from a one-stop-shop, the company AEMtec could be your solution.  AEMtec was set up i