ABTech Inc.

Ultra-precision air-bearing manufacturers of motion systems, air bearing spindles, rotary tables, and linear slides. Accuracies <0.000,001” 0.025 microns

ABTech believes that every interaction is made better by focusing on the well-being of our customers. We challenge ourselves daily with continuous improvement to make each product meet and exceed our customers specifications. We believe our proven process of discovery, collaboration, quotation, execution, implementation and follow-up give ABTech the precision difference.

We engineer every product for ease to use. Our air-bearing technology provides accuracies <0.000,001” [0.025 microns] with nearly absolute repeatability, and no contacting parts to wear over time, therefore delivering years of reliable and maintenance-free operation.

If your business depends on air-bearing sub-micron accuracies, real-time measurements, and ease of use, ABTech is the right choice.

ABTech’s willingness to customize, along with a wide variety of products and experience gives us the flexibility to provide cost effective application specific solutions.

Our systems range from a simple single axis air-bearing all the way to complete turn key motion systems consisting of a multi-axis controller and our proprietary software resulting in the most state-of-the-art precision instruments that are extremely accurate, reliable, and very easy to use.

ABTech is worldwide with customers spanning the globe. Our customers are in government, R&D, science, and private industries. Our products are used in demanding applications/markets such as nanotechnologies, medical, photonics, optics, aerospace, near-earth atmosphere, automotive, semiconductor, lasers and life sciences.

ABTech supports customer’s requiring a one off to OEM’s. We also support MRO’s Engine Assembly Systems, (EAS) for jet engine stack projection, for high pressure compressor and turbine (HPCR and HPTR) builds. Overall system accuracy < 5.0 millionths of an inch (5.0 μ” or 0.125 micron).

No matter how broad our product options, we realize they don’t address every possible application. Our precision motion experts will work closely with you to configure a precision motion solution that will exceed your needs.

Whether it’s company, client, or community, it is people, and the care and feeding relationships that drives our success; The advancement of technology and precision measurement is the heart of ABTech.

Spatial Light Modulators

  • AT 400DD w/single axis motion controller
  • SP135 air bearing spindle • AT150 w/3-jaw chuck
  • Precision Measurement/Loading System for GRIN Optical Thin Film measurement
  • Linear slides shown with Ceramic, Granite, Aluminum construction
  • AT100 w/bolt on pattern • Air bearing linear slide with hardened stainless-steel
  • V-Probe Profiler with 3-axes motion travel
  • 5-axes air bearing optical measurement metrology platform
  • Mechanical bearing rotary grind table

ABTech Inc. – News

ABTech Inc.: First-Ever Precision Measurement/Loading System for GRIN Optical Thin Film measurement

January, 2021: Ultra-precision air-bearing manufacturers of motion systems, spindles, rotary tables and linear slides. Accuracies <0.000,001” 0.025 microns ABTech designed, engineered, and built the system using ABTech’s own propr