Berliner Glas Group at Compamed in Düsseldorf

The Berliner Glas Group is presenting its broad product portfolio at this year’s Compamed, the trade fair for the medical supplier industry and product development, from November 18 – 21, in Hall 8a, Booth F35.1in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The product portfolio of the Medical Applications business unit of Berliner Glas in Berlin includes multi-chip prism assemblies (RGB and VIS/NIR), autoclavable lenses, and highly complex 3D measurement cameras for digital dental imprints.

To manufacture such systems with the highest optical quality, it is necessary to precisely combine and calibrate optics, mechanics, and electronics. For 4K image sensors, for example, even the smallest deviations are not acceptable. Pretreatment and assembly technology of the highest standard is required for this. The response to this challenge includes clean rooms of the highest cleanliness classes, cleaning systems (ultrasonic and megasonic), and plasma pretreatment. Berliner Glas has created a versatile precision alignment platform for positioning in the submicrometer range which is already being used in a number of customer projects. This platform can be used to simultaneously align electro-optical components, such as image sensors, in six degrees of freedom with a precision of up to 200 nm each, and fix them permanently to this accuracy. In addition, four lens systems can be precisely aligned with one another at the same time. The strength of the new device is the flexible layout that can be modified quickly and inexpensively for customer-specific requirements. The system is thus exceptionally well suited for inexpensive and, above all, rapid prototype construction as well as the production of small and medium unit quantities typical to medical technology, between several 100 – 1,000 pieces per year.

You can learn more about that topic in the presentation "Ultra-precise micro-alignment of medical optics – a new platform solution by Berliner Glas“ on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, at 1:30 p.m. at the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM 2019 (Hall 8a, Booth G40). It will be presented in English and for visitors it is free-of-charge.

The Technical Glass segment is presenting glass touch display units at the booth in Düsseldorf. These units function reliably and remain readable in continuous operation and under extreme environmental conditions. This is accomplished via touch lamination, which can be adapted individually to customer specifications. Berliner Glas Technical Glass is also showing off its comprehensive expertise in combining technical glass refinement technologies. The selection is diverse and, depending on the qualities and desired function of your product, this business unit develops tailor-made solutions for you and provides you with ready-to-install display units, assembled and ready to be integrated into your system.

In addition, laser beam shaping and guidance modules from SwissOptic are being presented. These permit, among other things, precise control of the laser beam in refractive eye operations, thus contributing significantly to positive surgical results. Lenses and accessories for microscopy, as well as a selection of customized optical components for a variety of life science applications, will also be displayed. Come meet the experts at the Berliner Glas Group’s exhibition booth. Please email us at to arrange a meeting.

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