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VISION 2021: Industry reunited!

October 2021: Satisfaction with the restart / Good market prospects and firm intention to come back again / Prophesee and GrAI Matter Labs win the industry awards After an abstinence lasting three years, the machine vision industry was able to mee

SIOS: High-precision length measuring technique for laboratory and industry

September, 2021: Multi-beam-interferometers measure dynamic parameters simultaneously and with nanometer precision over a length up to 80 meters Optical adjustment aids simplify the alignment process        

Aspen Systems in Novi, MI at the Battery-EV Show, September 14-16, Booth# 3035

Septemer, 2021: Aspen Systems will be showing their range of ultra compact cooling solutions for High Power Charging (HPC) stations and mobile applications.  The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo attracts over 8,500

Gentec: Measuring multi-kW welding lasers on-line

September, 2021: Over the past few decades, high power lasers have become ubiquitous in the automotive industry. Nowadays, they are used to process numerous vehicle parts. Laser welding is one of the techniques that have been considerably develope

Coming home for VISION

August, 2021: Positive signal to the international market and the economy / More dialogue, more innovations, more trends At home in Stuttgart: VISION (5 to 7 October 2021) is the world's leading trade fair for machine vision. The "Who'

Frankfurt Laser Company: Compact Laser Diode Line Modules HSML-E with Ultra-Thin Lines

August, 2021: The new HSML-E is a series of laser diode line modules which are very compact and deliver an ultra-thin line. Laser head and laser driver are separated which allows a very compact size of the laser head of just Ø12.6mm x 44mm. Th