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OptiGauge vs. Nuclear Gauge

LUMETRICS: ADVANTAGES OF LOW - COHERENCE INTERFEROMETRY OVER NUCLEAR - BASED GAUGES Many film manufacturers depend on nuclear gauges (beta, gamma or x-ray) for quality control during manufacturing, e.g. monitoring layer thickness. Low coherence in

Technica: new T150 optical cable sensor

The T150 is a ruggedized high temperature non-metallic cable sensor designed for monitoring distributed temperatures and strains in environments to 260 Degrees Celsius with submillisecond response time. At its core, the T150 optical cable consists

NEW at FRAMOS: Sony® Semiconductor Solutions

OLED Microdisplays from Sony® Semiconductor Solutions are the state of the art technology for small video displays. These displays are very thin, exhibit high brightness, operate at low power and are made from a solid Si-wafer substrate. With the

FRAMOS Solutions now include Intel’s® RealSense™ Technology Product Line

FRAMOS Group, a global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services, announced today it has been appointed as a global approved supplier for the Intel® RealSense™ technology product line. This line is dedicated to

TRIOPTICS: New software for OptiCentric® lens centering system

TRIOPTICS GmbH, a leading manufacturer of optical measurement and testing instruments, now presents new software for its established OptiCentric® lens centering system. The software makes it possible to optimize work processes, particularly

10th Anniversary Winter School on Quantum Technologies

This year ID QUANTIQUE celebrates the 10th anniversary of the now-famous Winter School at Les Diablerets from 20-26 January 2018. The theme this year is: “The Coming-of-Age of Quantum Cybersecurity”. 2017 has seen a tremendous increase