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Andor Technology: Meet BC43 - Andor’s New Benchtop Confocal Microscope

December, 2021: Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company and world leader in scientific imaging solutions, today announced the addition of BC43, a revolutionary benchtop confocal system, to its award-winning microscopy portfolio.  An a

Avantes: Future-proof manufacturing; Avantes Automates

December, 2021: Providing unsurpassed inter-instrument reproducibility and scalability in production Over the last years, we’ve seen the photonics market grow exponentially. More and more companies, researchers, and Original Equipment Manufa

Rutronik: Biotechnology is the key to mastering the challenges of our time

November, 2021: Without a doubt: The enormous innovative potential of Biotechnology is a key factor to address the challenges of our time. Using biological processes to develop products, processes, and systems in application areas such as horticultur

Frankfurt Laser Company: Single-Mode VCSELs at 760nm & 763nm with 2nm Tuning Range

October, 2021: The new FLCP-760 & FLCP-763 are single mode VCSELs at wavelength 760nm respectively 763nm with a wide tuning range of 2nm. The 3dB modulation bandwidth is better than 0.1GHz. They are supplied for TDLAS applications, i.e. oxygen

Diamond: Robust connectors with high-end optical performance

October, 2021: AVIM® Family - connectors built for demanding applications Fiber optics typically offers many advantages over conventional electrical and electronic systems, but often times a harsh environment can make the use of glass fiber

Dorotek: Easy-to-use High Speed IR-Detection-Modules for 3 – 12 µm

October, 2021: VIGO launched two high speed Infrared detector modules, belonging to the new established selected line. The detonations : UHSM and UHSM-I. Both versions have a broad spectral responsivity, useable in the range 3 – 12 µm !&n