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Instrument Systems provides new solutions

New solutions for characterizing SSL and laser light sources Instrument Systems supports the lighting industry in the development of innovative products by providing state-of-the-art light measurement technology. This applies to both SSL/LED and l

Infrared optics by Lightpath Technology

 LightPath Technologies, Inc. announced it has been awarded a $500,000 follow-on order for a variety of infrared (IR) optics from a major American manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras. The IR optics will be manufactured from LightPath

Larsen presents its beveling machine B101

Whether built in or freestanding, Larsen beveling units feature top quality materials, easily maintained designs, and the best service record in the industry. High quality motors and belt drives are smooth and reliable for comfortable operation ov

Precision CNC polished optical lenses

EKSMA Optics CNC lens production facility allows us to offer high flexibility in manufacturing of small batches or even single spherical / aspherical lenses at optimal prices. We can handle your request from specifying and designing a custom lens to

Edmund: Photonoic-electronic integrated circuits

Integrated circuits (ICs), or microchips, are essential parts of countless modern technologies from medical devices to smart watches to spacecraft. They consist of a set of electronic components such as transistors, resistors, and amplifiers on a sem

19 new trainees started at the Berliner Glas Group

19 new trainees are beginning their professional life this year with the Berliner Glas Group in Berlin, Germany and Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Thus, the group of company keep its training of junior employees at a consistently high level. Th