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Greetings from American Photonics

During very difficult times, we find out who our real partners are for life or the ones who are just with us because it’s convenient or profitable. American Photonics wants to be your business partner for life!  The Coron

Lumencor’s LIDA light engine

For histologists, clinical pathologists and anyone seeking improvements in the speed, sensitivity and precision of transmitted light microscopy, Lumencor’s LIDA light engine in combination with Nikon NIS Elements software enable high-speed colo

Virtual exhibition – SPIE PHOTONICS EUROPE 6 – 10 April

We are pleased to be able to transition SPIE Photonics Europe into a Digital Forum! This is an online opportunity to review the most current optics and photonics research—from digital optics and quantum technologies to biophotonics, optical ima

Esco Optics offers IR circular windows

Low OH IR grade fused silica allows for exceptional transmission up to 3 microns.  Combined with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, superior homogeneity and low birefringence, low OH IR fused silica is an outstanding alt

TOPTICA introduces Laser Rack Systems

TOPTICA Photonics AG releases quantum-technology-approved laser modules for industrial rack integration: narrow-linewidth tunable diode lasers, amplified or frequency-converted diode lasers, frequency combs, and related accessories. A new era begi

SPIE Photonics Europe Event Update

SPIE Photonics Europe in-person meeting and exhibit is cancelled and the conference programme will transition to a digital forum After announcing postponement, SPIE reached out to our event leadership, volunteers, and the hosting facility to organ