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Absorbance Spectroscopy for Chocolate Comparison by Avantes BV

April, 2023: Interested in reading a sweet experiment? Check out our latest application note, written by our Application Engineer Kurt. We compared five types of chocolate using absorbance spectroscopy, measuring their molecular compositions to

Next level of surveillance technology from OPTIX

March, 2023: As technology continues to evolve, so do the methods we use to protect our communities. In a world where security is becoming increasingly important, the need for advanced surveillance systems is more crucial than ever. That's where

New IPX-M for high-throughput macroscale printing from Nanoscribe

March, 2023: IPX-M is our new photoresin specifically designed for rapid 2PP-based 3D printing of centimeter-sized objects using the XLF Print Set. The photopolymer expands the IPX Photoresin series that is designed for printing with Quantum X system

Product News from Frankfurt Laser Company

March, 2023: High Peak Power 1535nm Erbium Glass Laser Module with Beam Expander and Photodetector. The new FRLD-1535-xxxµJ-Q-BEyy series of laser modules are an integrated 1535nm high-energy erbium glass microchip laser with up to 40

Precision meets innovation – at the W3+ Fair Wetzlar 2023 trade fair

March, 2023: For the ninth time, the interdisciplinary trade fair for the key technologies optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics opens its doors at the end of March. In addition to national and international exhibitors, many companies from the

Laser power measurement with photodetectors from Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.

March, 2023: Photodetectors are mainly used for power in the picowatt to milliwatt range. They are made from semiconductors with a p-n junction that converts photons coming from a light source into an electric current. The more photons available, hig