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Ophir Optronics Solutions: INTRODUCING LightIR™ 18-225mm f/4 Lightweight. Compact. Long-Range.

November, 2022: Designed for low-SWaP MWIR SXGA 10μm & VGA 15μm pitch detectors The Ophir LightIR 18-225mm MWIR f/4 continuous zoom lens presents an unrivaled combination of low-SWaP capabilities, detection range exceeding 16km, and rugg

Allied Vision: Goldeye XSWIR cameras with extended SWIR sensitivity up to 2.2 µm

November, 2022:  With the new Goldeye XSWIR cameras InGaAs sensors, wavelengths up to 1.9 μm or 2.2 μm can now be detected with high quantum efficiencies. An integrated dual-stage sensor cooling (TEC2) and various on-board image corre

Xenics: Xenics introduces Wildcat+ 1280

October, 2022: Wildcat+ 1280 has been announced today as the new short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera from Xenics. This new product opens the high-resolution era in SWIR for Xenics’ customers. Xenics is Europe’s leading developer and manu

New date for CIOE 2022, December 7-9

October, 2022: The new exhibition period of the 24th China International Optoelectronic Expo is scheduled to be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center from December 7 to 9, 2022. The exhibition expands to 220,000m2 this year and will

High-Resolution Spectrometer from Avantes

September, 2022: This month's highlight is one of our most popular spectrometers, the AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO. With 4096 pixels, it is an ideal instrument for high-resolution applications like plasma measurements and&n

Instrument Systems: LumiTop guarantees the quality of μLED arrays in AFS applications

September, 2022: Due to the intelligent combination of instantaneous spectroradiometric reference measurement and camera-based color- and brightness measurement, the LumiTop system from Instrument Systems is predestined for use in the quality inspect