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Rutronik: Tech Talk

May, 2021: Rutronik Tech Talk on current topics and relevant trends in the field of sensor technology, UV LEDs and EV Charging!   2021 is yet another extraordinary year in many respects. The electronics industry once again has to face special

Nanoscribe: Flexible printing material IP-PDMS enhances Nanoscribe’s IP Resin portfolio

May, 2021: Nanoscribe introduces the new IP-PDMS photoresin for 3D Microfabrication of elastomer-based applications, microsystems and devices. The biocompatible printing material is soft, highly flexible and elastic. Thus, IP-PDMS is a promising driv

Esco Optics: Precision flat substrates

May, 2021: In the world of Plano-optics, flatness is the ultimate goal. Precision optics are expected to manipulate light down to the nanometer. The surface accuracy of windows and mirrors is extremely critical to the performance of an optical system

CeramOptec: Aluminum coated fiber optics for harsh environments

April, 2021: Special fibers support applications in high-temperature and high-vacuum areas and also withstand aggressive substances The new CeramOptec® AL-Fibers are provided with a hermetically sealed metal coating made of aluminum and a

Sill Optics: News April 2021

April, 2021: Variable expanding of high power laser beams Sill Optics presents the new zoom beam expander S6EXZ0940/574 which is suitable for high power UV lasers at 355 nm. The optical design enables a maximum beam diameter at all lens surface

Frankfurt Laser Company: MICRO Green Laser Modules

April 2021: The MICRO Green Laser Module GLM-532/545-003-MICRO-X has an extremely small size of just Ø3.7 x 10mm with an output power of 3mW at wavelength 532nm and 545nm. The operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C allows to use it