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XENICS now proposes CERES family with broader optics options

May, 2023: Xenics is happy to announce the upgrade of its CERES family, the long-wave infrared (LWIR) thermographic cameras with different Field-of-View (FOV) options. Xenics, part of Photonis group, is Europe’s leading developer and manufact

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May, 2023: How can optical machine tool makers stay ahead of the competition? Today’s optical components require sub-micron precision, and machine tool builders face a substantial challenge keeping up with the required pace of innovation.To

CIOE will take place September 6 - 8, 2023 in Shenzhen

April, 2023: Intelligent sensing is one of the hottest industries in China, showing significant opportunities in the automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial, and aerospace & defense applications. CIOE 2023 – Intelligent S

NIT Announces Updated NSC1801 – Line-Scan SWIR Sensor for Improved Performance

April, 2023: NIT is pleased to announce the release of an updated version of its line SWIR sensor. The NSC1801 was initially designed to capture high-resolution images of linearly moving objects with high frame rates, low noise, and high sensitivity.

Kimsoptec renames to Instrument Systems Korea

April, 2023: After being acquired by Instrument Systems in 2022, the Korean manufacturer of display measurement systems changed its name to Instrument Systems Korea. After acquiring Kimsoptec Co. Ltd. by Instrument Systems in August 2022 and the s

Two days of innovation, inspiration and networking for future technologies at the W3+ Fair Wetzlar 2023

April, 2023: The W3+ Fair Wetzlar 2023 came to a successful close on March 30. The networking fair kept its word: More than 150 exhibitors and speakers and over 1900 visitors used the platform in the Buderus Arena Wetzlar to exchange information abou