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Development of a new Piezo-Optical Tip-tilt mechanism

A new tip-tilt mechanism based on low voltage piezoelectric actuators has been designed by Cedrat Technologies (CTEC) to answer the need of a Point Ahead Mechanism (PAM) for the JPL Deep Space Optical Communication (DSOC) module of incoming Psyche mi

Monocrom: Tiny diode laser stack with real macro channels water cooling

The use of real macro water channels allows to maintain a high optical efficiency when talking about actively cooled Diode Laser Stacks making them cost-efficient in terms of performance and maintenance. Our ENCAST Series consists of laser diodes

Toptica: Optical frequency measurement to the 21st significant digit

Today’s best optical clocks achieve an amazing accuracy and would be off by less than one second over the age of the universe. These clocks rely on probing optical transitions in cold atoms with very stable and narrow linewidth laser light. The

New spectroradiometer CAS 125 speeds up LED production

Product life cycles are getting shorter all the time. The corresponding increase in the number of product variants presents manufacturing companies with new challenges. Production lines need to be faster and more complex, yet also more user-friendly.

Allied Vision: The Alvium portfolio is growing

The new Alvium 1500 C-210 offers resolution of 2.1 MP and thus fills the gap between the 1.2 MP Alvium C-120 and the 5 MP Alvium C-500. The camera combines a Full HD resolution with high frame rates (up to 118 fps!). Available at an attractiv

Gentec about laser welding

Laser welding is quickly becoming the preferred welding method in many industrial projects. However, while this technique offers numerous benefits over conventional welding, its performance depends heavily on the power characteris