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LAYERTEC supplies segmented optical components

LAYERTEC, developer and manufacturer of high-quality laser components based in Mellingen, Germany, is currently expanding its range of customer-specific structuring of layer systems using lithography. Segmented components can be used for lateral phas

Aspen Systems: 2U is even cooler

Aspen Systems now has two models to select from our Rack Mount Chiller (RMC) series.  The RMC-800 (800 Watts) was released in January and shown at Photonics West.  The just released RMC-1100 produces an industry leading 1,100 Watts in a 2U

Diamond GmbH: E-2000™ XB - the classic in a revolutionized lensed version

The lensed ferrule operates on the expanded beam principle without physical contact of the optical surfaces, ensuring reliable and maintenance-free optical connections with insensitivity to dirt and debris. The use of exceedingly precise components a

Greetings from American Photonics

During very difficult times, we find out who our real partners are for life or the ones who are just with us because it’s convenient or profitable. American Photonics wants to be your business partner for life!  The Coron

Lumencor’s LIDA light engine

For histologists, clinical pathologists and anyone seeking improvements in the speed, sensitivity and precision of transmitted light microscopy, Lumencor’s LIDA light engine in combination with Nikon NIS Elements software enable high-speed colo

Virtual exhibition – SPIE PHOTONICS EUROPE 6 – 10 April

We are pleased to be able to transition SPIE Photonics Europe into a Digital Forum! This is an online opportunity to review the most current optics and photonics research—from digital optics and quantum technologies to biophotonics, optical ima