Single Point Diamond Turning Apprentice at Diverse Optics

July 2020: Diverse Optics is sought after by customers around the world to provide cutting edge solutions for manufacturing innovative polymer optics. As a result, we are growing at a very fast pace. It is our goal to continue this pattern of growth by surrounding ourselves with individuals who will not only perform, but will support other performers around them. These individuals will:

• Display their creative ability and problem-solving skills, on an hourly basis, by finding novel solutions to complex questions and roadblocks.
• Exhibit and promote a relentless pursuit of improvement, in all facets of the business.
• Demonstrate that they are performers and outstanding team players with an insistent character, devoted to high standards, and possess the ability and work ethic to contribute to our growth and prosperity.

Do you feel you could have a much greater impact on day to day business? Are you being leveraged to your fullest capability? Do you feel a little underwhelmed by the challenges your company is putting in front of you?

At Diverse Optics, we manufacture ultra-precision (millionths of an inch tolerances) polymer optics. We are one of the best known and most respected companies in our unique space. Our products enable the convergence of optics and electronics driving technological innovations at the heart of rising applications in aerospace, defense, AR/VR, illumination, HUD navigation, and minimally-invasive surgical tools.

As a Single Point Diamond Turning Apprentice at Diverse Optics, you will be playing a supporting role in the short term evolution of optical masterpieces. Your precision machining will play an integral role in the success of our company and, most certainly, to the success of our customers. We are seeking top-notch applicants who can play a pivotal role by improving manufacturing success and creating raving fans of our customers.

Layered on top of this opportunity to play a pivotal role in our future success, Diverse Optics is a great place to work. Do not take our word for it – check out some of the comments of our employees:

• “First and foremost it’s my co-workers on and off the floor. I like working at Diverse Optics because it’s a company that’s never satisfied. We always push to be the best at custom optics and take on jobs that most companies wouldn’t risk taking.”
• “I love the challenges of meeting new goals, making the customer happy, and hitting numbers.”
• “I like the direction the company is going and I want to be part of it. “
• “A different challenge every day”
• “Supportive coworkers, willing to help you out”

Apply with Diverse Optics if you believe you are the right person for the job and want a successful future in polymer optics manufacturing. Apply online here