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Product Specialist

February, 2018

The purpose of the Product Specialist position is to provide Technical and Sales support to SMC sales personnel for customers with high purity chemical and gas process handling component needs. The Product Specialist will develop and maintain a senior Sales and Engineering role and take on project support for the high purity component offering.


  • Participate in developing new product with UTC and JTC.
  • Focus on identifying and closing major revenue producing projects.
  • Be involved with key accounts and their projects directly related to your product specialty.  This includes being acquainted with the various buying influences at these accounts and the technical requirements for the introduction of specific SMC product.
  • Identify all specifications and regulatory needs at the customer level, and be able to relay their needs accurately and completely to the appropriate SMC new product designer.
  • Provide continuous training to sales employees on products and applications related to your specialty. This may include assisting the SMC training group with local presentations of training courses.
  • Document and /or monitor sales activity in SMC’s CRM system.
  • Assist sales employees in detailed technical presentations to all levels of customers.
  • Successfully complete other duties as prescribed by Sales Management

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