• Caeleste CVBA

  • Hendrik Consciencestraat 1 b ,
    2800 Mechelen, Belgium
  • +32-15-710503

PCB Design Engineer at Caeleste

June, 2019: You will work on the design of hardware PCB’s used to validate & characterize novel CMOS image sensors. With increasing complexity of the image sensors, your designs need to bring high-speed analog & digital prototypes & products alive to accommodate complex sensors & data acquisition systems.

Your responsibilities cover a broad scope ranging from PCB architecture, schematic design & layout, functional & signal integrity simulation, hands-on bring-up of new hardware platforms in close collaboration with FPGA and software engineers, assist in debug & characterization of new CMOS image sensor prototypes (and production runs) on your hardware platforms.

Although the prime focus is a PCB design environment, your thorough upfront analysis, documented and first-time-right approach is critical for a quality focused collaboration in a team of experts that depend on your crucial contributions in a project driven organization. You will have a significant amount of autonomy and will take up impactful responsibilities in the team.

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