• Alluxa, Inc.

  • 3660 North Laughlin Road ,
    Santa Rosa CA 95403, USA
  • +1-855-4255892

Coating/ Vent Technician at Alluxa

June, 2020:



Job Summary

  • Provide technical and logistics support for the manufacturing department, including process development and testing.
  • Process wafers and data within the Chamber operations.
  • Perform wafer disposition and data analysis.
  • Assist with logistics support in set-up, scheduling, and managing the workflow in the chambers
  • Perform routine maintenance and changing fluids on equipment.  Trouble shoot, repair, and maintain mechanical equipment and systems.


  • Will work on own with limited supervision. Self-starter.
  • Can multitask
  • AA Degree and/or some college (engineering/physical sciences)

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