Sumipro submicron lathing

For over 20 years we are one of the leading optics suppliers in the Netherlands. We produce high grade optical products and systems for medical, aerospace and defence industries and research institutes all around the world.

Technical Optics

Optical components for homeland security and aerospace industries are realized with a very high degree of accuracy. We charge competitive prices for our products while in the meantime delivering far more accuracy than you will get with optics from the shelves of the standard optic suppliers.

Defence applications

We typically supply the defence industry with mirrors and IR lenses. These can be used in a variety of applications, such as in helmets and night vision imaging. These imaging systems are used in all sorts of vehicles, airplanes and ships.

Industrial applications

Besides producing optics, like polygons, precision mirrors etc, we can also utilize the our machinery to supply high precision flat surfaces, for example on air bearings.

Space and research applications

Our close collaborations with space and research institutions such as ESA is giving us the challenge to produce highly customized optical components that operate in satellites designed for exploration.

Coating Facility

We have our own coating facility where we can apply most of the common coatings on our diamond turned metal and plastic optics. This way we can deliver a complete product.