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Laser Optics, Precise Optical Assemblies
and Opto-mechanical Systems

Founded in 1998, OPTIX JSC quickly established a justified reputation for design, manufacturing and testing of quality optical components and systems, encompassing the capabilities required to develop the optomechanical and opto-electronic assemblies and devices which meet the demand of the medical, military and commercial markets. Competently applying advanced technologies, OPTIX JSC executes the entire production process - from design and implementation of prototypes to serial production of components, assemblies and devices. OPTIX JSC is the first company in Bulgaria and one of the first enterprises in Europe which has successfully implemented an integrated management system, including five international quality standards.

OPTIX JSC manufactures complete spherical optical components with a diameter from 0.5 to 10 mm. The high-precision lenses, achromatic glasses and triplets are widely used in medical and technical endoscopes, microlenses for microscopes, television and CCDTV cameras. The company also produces completely finished spherical optical elements with a diameter from 10 to 200-250 mm which are utilized in the field of ophthalmology, photography, the production of multimedia projectors and various night and day surveillance equipment. Other optical components in production at OPTIX are prisms, flat-parallel plates, windows, wedges, optical scales, filters and mirrors of various dimensions and configurations.

OPTIX also manufactures prismatic blanks with complex shape with precision of the angular dimensions of 1 angular minute and linear precision of 0.05 mm, blanks under the form of lamellae and discs with a diameter up to 250 mm and precision of up to 0.02 mm. The company possesses the required technical equipment for different single layer and multilayer coatings on glasses and crystals. The following types of coatings are made in OPTIX:

  • antireflective optical coatings for the ultraviolet, the visible and the infrared spectrum range
  • mirror coatings
  • special light protection coatings

The high quality of the different components is achieved through the use of special purpose tools and equipment for control which are also produced by OPTIX. The company works with precise software for fast calculation and design. OPTIX JSC also supplies different details /lenses, flat-parallel plates and wedges / from the optical crystals CaF2, MgF2, ZnS, Si, Ge with dimensions from 6 to 150 mm and accuracy of the angular dimensions in the range of 30 angular seconds. The produced laser substrates (rear pads, flat-parallel plates and optical wedges) are of high quality optical surfaces – flatness lambda/10, roughness <0.5 nm, deviations of the linear dimensions + /-0.01 mm and of the angular dimensions + / -5 angular seconds.