HOYA Corporation Optics Section Europe Branch

HOYA focuses on colored filter glass, as well as optical laser, UV and electro-optical (EO) glass equipment. With extensive experience and achievements cultivated worldwide, all aspects of the supply chain from raw material procurement to delivery are integrated within HOYA and we will respond to your diverse needs on a one stop basis.
By establishing the European Branch in Mönchengladbach in 2013, we are meeting the needs of European customers by providing faster reactions and better service.

Color Glass Filters

We provide color glass filters for a wide range of fields such as cameras, optical instruments, physics and chemistry, educational materials, industrial and medical, with spectral characteristics and size according to your requirements. The color filter glass can be supplied either at polished  0x50xt2.5mm dimensions, unpolished 165x165xt3-9mm dimensions or according to customers’ requirements with a thickness as low as t0.3mm.

Coating services

HOYA also offers a wide range of different coatings:

  • AR Coating (single/multilayer)
  • Band Pass Filter
  • Notch Filter
  • UV/IR Cut Filter
  • ND Filter(single/both side)
  • NDAR Filter

HOYA Optical Filters for Next Generation 1550nm Light Source

New infrared transmission optical filters can be used with a 1550nm light source instead of a conventional 900nm one. The 1550nm light source is not subject to the output limits of IEC recommendations for eye protection because it is outside the apparent light range. You can get a better SN performance even under sunlight because the intensity of solar radiation around 1550nm is very weak.