Hoya Candeo Optronics Corporation Europe Branch

HOYA Candeo Optronics Corporation, with 30 years’ experience, focuses on optical laser, UV and electro-optical (EO) glass equipment. With extensive experience and achievements cultivated worldwide, all aspects of the supply chain from raw material procurement to delivery is integrated within HOYA Candeo and we will response to your diverse needs on a one stop basis. By establishing the European Branch in Mönchengladbach in 2013, we are meeting the needs of European customers with focus on color filter glass and opto-electronic glasses.

Color Glass Filter

We provide color glass filters for a wide range of fields such as cameras, optical instruments, physics and chemistry, educational materials, industrial and medical, with spectral characteristics and size according to your requirements. The color filter glass can be supplied either at polished 50x50xt2.5mm dimensions, unpolished 165x165xt3-9mm dimensions or pursuant to customers’ requirements with a thickness as low as t0.5mm.
We manufacture and sell special glass used in various fields including electronic glasses which are often used in the electric and electronics industries. The thermal expansion characteristics are matched with silicon single crystal. Therefore, anodic bonding with little distortion can be performed over a wide temperature range.

Coating services

HOYA Candeo Optronics also offers a wide range of different coatings:
1. AR Coating (single layer)
2. AR Coating (multilayer)
3. Band Pass Filter
4. UV/IR Cut Filter
5. ND Filter

HOYA Radiation Shield Glass: RB series

Our RB series, which contains PbO or CeO2 has two features: radiation shielding and transmission of visible lights. By adjusting the dosage of doped materials and glass thickness, this glass can correspond to several types of radiation sources. By using this glass for windows, eye glasses and more, the human body will be protected from radiation exposure.