ET Enterprises Ltd.

A subsidiary of Ludlum Measurements Inc (LMI), ET Enterprises Limited started with the acquisition of the photomultiplier and accessories business of Electron Tubes Limited in 2007 and continues to manufacture, supply and develop the Electron Tubes brand at its site in Uxbridge, West London. Its history can be traced back to the 1930s when, as part of EMI, it first became involved with light detection technologies. Specialisation in the development and manufacture of photomultipliers started in the late 1940s, and the company continued to grow to become a major international supplier. ET Enterprises Ltd also distributes the ADIT range of photomultipliers outside the US.

Photomultipliers are still the most sensitive detector of low light levels for diffuse sources, particularly where the required active detection area is from a few mm2 to 200 cm2 or more. Capable of detecting light from a few photons/s to 100M photons/s or more, the ET Enterprises photomultiplier range includes types suitable for operation at high and low temperatures, shock and vibration environments, and vacuum-UV to near infra-red spectral ranges.

ET Enterprises also specialises in signalprocessing electronics and associated hardware for photomultipliers which not only optimizes their performance but enable rapid setting up of light detection systems. An example is shown of a new Photo Counting Module, type PDM02- 9111-TTL, which incorporates a high sensitivity, low noise, 25mm diameter photomultiplier, fast amplifier- discriminator, and a low power highvoltage supply. The combination of high-speed electronics and a fast photomultiplier enable a very wide dynamic range to be achieved which makes it ideal for use with the multi-channel scaler/counter timer, type MCS-CT3, to provide a cost-effective, plug-and-play, high performance, photon counting system.