Precision Optical Components for High Power Lasers

EKSMA Optics is a manufacturer of precision optical components, used in lasers, laser systems and other photonic instruments. Utilizing 35 years of expertise in the fields of lasers and optics EKSMA Optics has proven experience providing custom solutions and also offering a wide range of standard catalogue products for fast of-the-shelf delivery.

EKSMA Optics owns optics production facility, covering a wide range of manufacturing activities, starting from optics and optical systems design and engineering, to grinding & polishing of optical elements, CNC lens manufacturing and advanced IBS technology based coating. EKSMA Optics polishing facility specializes in polishing of flat optics made of N-BK7, UVFS, Infrasil, Suprasil and DKDP, LBO, BBO, KTP, AgGaSe2, AgGaS2, ZnGeP2 crystals whereas defects free precision polished faces are required for high power laser applications. Our CNC grinding and polishing facility allows us to supply spherical, aspherical and axicon lenses made to highest precision specifications. The company also owns clean room facilities for assembling of Pockels cells and optical systems.

All components are subject to quality testing and certifications in quality control laboratory.

EKSMA Optics is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Product range includes:

  • Laser optical components made of Fused Silica, N-BK7 glass, Crystal Quartz, Calcite, CaF2, BaF2, MgF2,  LiF, ZnSe, Ge, Silicon and Sapphire. This includes laser mirrors, polarizing optics, beamsplitters and separators, lenses, windows, prisms and filters
  • Dielectric thin film coatings applied by IBS or E-beam with IAD technologies for high power laser applications
  • DKDP, BBO and KTP based Pockels cells, drivers and HV power supplies
  • Ultrafast pulse pickers for pulse selection at up to 2 MHz rate from lasers generating pulse train at up to 100 MHz repetition rate
  • Laser crystals Yb:KGW, Yb:KYW and Nd:YAG/YLF/KGW
  • Frequency conversion crystals LBO, BBO, KTP, KTA, KD*P, LiIO3, LiNbO3, AgGaSe2, AgGaS2, ZnGeP2, GaSe, CdSe, THz generation - ZnTe, GaSe, Raman shifting - KGW, Ba(NO3)2, BaWO4, SrWO4
  • Optical systems: compact and zoom beam expanders, top hat beam shapers, variable pulse energy attenuators and F-theta lenses
  • Opto-mechanical mounts, motorized positioning stages and optical tables

EKSMA Optics – News

EKSMA OPTICS presents laser crystals

Laser crystals of various materials including Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG), Yb-doped Potassium Gadolinium Tungstate (Yb:KGW), Yb-doped Potassium Yttrium Tungstate (Yb:KYW), Nd-doped Potassium Gadolinium Tungstate (Nd:KGW), Titaniu

Precision CNC polished optical lenses

EKSMA Optics CNC lens production facility allows us to offer high flexibility in manufacturing of small batches or even single spherical / aspherical lenses at optimal prices. We can handle your request from specifying and designing a custom lens to

Zoom Beam Expander by EKSMA Optics

Eksma Optics presents zoom beam expanders. Optical systems include F-theta scanning lenses for laser marking applications, compact fixed ratio beam expanders and zoom beam expanders for Nd:YAG laser fundamental and harmonic wavelengths, Gauss