Beratron GmbH – High quality electronics for lasers

Electronic is becoming more and more fundamental in modern laser systems.
Beratron develops and produces high quality current sources and electronics for industrial and scientific purposes as well as for high end applications.

Beratron is highly specialized in

  • customized OEM Driver
  • fully-featured lab sources
  • CW-driver (OEM and housed)
  • QCW Driver (OEM and housed)
  • pulse-picking electronics (integrated in OEM solutions)
  • HV-sources (integrated in OEM solutions)
  • TEC solutions (OEM, integrated and housed)

Our expertise range from small driver electronics with build-in fiber-coupled diodes (e.g. superluminescence-diodes, SLD) up to high current 19 inch QCW systems with maximum pulse current of more than 500 A. All our drivers provide overcurrent protection and other features for secure operation of
your diode.

Type 0824 – SLD Driver

The 0824 is a rather small driver in a stable aluminum enclosure with an easy-to-use USB-Port and analogue interface. It is intended to use with highly sensitive superluminescence-diodes or laser-diodes up to 300 mA in DIL and Butterfly packages. The driver is equipped with a TEC Driver up to 1.5 A / 3.5 V. It is powered with 8 – 30 V DC.

Type 0910 – CW Driver

This driver provides 10, 20 or 30 A at max. 350 W. Supplied with 12 – 30 V DC and equipped with an analogue and USB Interface, the driver is suitable for applications with single diodes, small stacks and single emitters. It is aircooled and does not need to be mounted on a cooling plate!

Type 0914 – CW/QCW Driver with Peltier cooler

Our 0914 is a driver with an integrated peltier cooler for 3, 7.5, 10 or 15 A diodes. It is air-cooled and can be operated with an USB-Interface or an analogue interface. The rise time of the current is <500 ns. The driver can be equipped with several passive fiber-coupled diodes inside the driver.

Type 0911 – Peltier Driver

The 0911 is a single peltier driver for 24V / 15A elements. It is supplied with 24V DC and ready to use for most laser cooling applications. The peltier driver can be operated via USB-interface or analogue interface.

Heat sinks

Beratron offers ready to use air-cooled heat sinks suitable for Type 0911. A mounting plate can be easily adapted to fit your diode.

Astatine and Beryllium

The Astatine and Beryllium are fully-featured 19” QCW Drivers with up to 500 A and 40V at max. 1500 W. They are equipped with USB, EIA-232, CANBus and an analogue interface. A bright display is readable even with safety goggles.

User-specific solutions

In addition to our standard products, we have realized several customized solutions for laser applications. Our know-how in electronics for laser application serves to help you to achieve your aim! Do not hesitate to contact us!