Beijing TRANS Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd.

BTMT is a high tech enterprise founded in 1998, focuses on developing and manufacturing high precision optical components from prototypes through volume-production quantities. BTMT is able to deliver customized high precision optics within one week.

BTMT has excellent optical design abilities, can provide customized services, a whole solution for your application, include optical design, mechanical structure design, optical comments, assembly parts and etc.

BTMT has advanced foreign processing and manufacturing equipment, perfect inspecting instruments, professional technicians and skilled workers, plus efficient and scientific ERP Management Platform, to ensure offer reliable and consistent qualified products. Our main products include High Quality Optical Flats, Lenses, Prisms, Doublets, Cemented Prisms, Ultrathin Windows, Fluoride Components, Assembly Lenses and etc.

BTMT’s optical components are widely used in Semiconductor, Medical, Military, Measurement & Metrology, Communication Engineering, Hightech Research & Development and etc.

PBS (Polarization Beamsplitters)

  • Tp>95%, Rs>99.5% for single wavelength;
  • Tp>90%, Rs>99% for broadband;
  • Extinction Ratio: >1000:1 for single wavelength
  • Extinction Ratio: >500:1 for broadband

CaF2 Lenses

  • Application: Excimer Laser, Medical Treatment
  • Laser Grade S/D by 3X0.1 (ISO10110)
  • BTMT has been a consistent and stable supplier to our overseas customers for over 10 years.

Standard Spherical Lenses

  • Application: Interferometer standard Spherical Lens
  • Flatness by Lambda/40 at the central 60% area of CA

Roof Prisms

  • Roof Angle Tolerance of 90º +/- 0.5 arcsec
  • S/D by 10/5; Surface Flatness by Lambda/20 at 633nm.
  • No chamfer and no chips on the roof edge under 40 times Magnifier

Assembly Lenses

  • Mass Production Capabilities & Customized Services