Your global partner for for optics, components, materials and systems

BDLP develops and manufactures laser technology components, optical and opto-mechanical components, precision sapphire and quartz glass optics, coatings, filters, fiber optics, laser cable, individual customized developments.

Quartz products for industry and science

Flat windows, prisms, wedges, slides, lenses, rods, tubes, capillaries, materials, substrates, semi finished parts.

Sapphire products

Sight glasses, protective windows, measuring windows, camera windows, vacuum windows, lenses, prisms, wedges, flat plates, rods, tubes, nozzles, valves, profiles, tips, blades, guides, balls, capillaries, fibers, materials, substrates, semi finished parts.

Precision optics from UV to IR

Optical elements made of glass, crystals and special materials with flat and spherical surfaces with a flatness of the optical surfaces better than λ/10.

  • Flat and wedged plates, brewster windows, prisms,
  • Laser optics, laser mirrors, mirror substrates, crystal optics, crystal processing 
  • Filters, colored glass filters, dielectric interference filters, displays, instrument glasses
  • Lenses and lens systems, optical systems, collimation and focusing systems
  • Materials, substrates, semi finished parts, molded parts.

Coatings for various industrial application

Coatings for optical and technical glass components for all spectral ranges individual AR and HR coatings for precision and laser optics.

Materials and substrates

  • optical blanks
  • cut discs
  • rods
  • tubes
  • semi finished parts
  • quartz glass
  • glass materials
  • sapphire
  • special materials
  • crystals
  • Ge
  • ZnSe, ZnS
  • CaF2
  • BaF2
  • MgF2
  • silicium
  • silicon
  • optical glass
  • optical glass coarse annealed
  • borosilicate glass
  • thin glass
  • filter glass
  • colour glass
  • ceramics Al2O3
  • glass ceramics
  • preforms
  • fibers