Axetris Micro-Lenses and Lens Arrays for High Speed TOSA/
ROSAs & Silicon Photonics

The increasing number and size of datacenters, as well as the transition to the next generation 5G network require the deployment of ever increasing numbers of transceivers and other high speed data- and telecom components. On the other hand, cost pressure is increasing and trickles down the supply chain to the individual parts making up the TOSAs and ROSAs.

Axetris’ manufacturing process based on lithography and etching achieves the high lens quality needed for coupling to single mode fibers or waveguides, as well as the precise lens placement required to match fiber-, waveguide- or photodiode arrays. The wafer-based manufacturing enables to scale to high volumes and low cost and therefore offers competitive alternatives to known solutions such as molded lenses etc.

In addition, our processing capabilities allow to implement further features such as metallization (alignment marks or solder pads), mechanical features, precise edges or DRIE structures and more. Such features can help to improve the assembly process steps, which in turn helps to reduce overall component assembly costs.

Axetris AG serves customers with a wide range of micro-optics products – from refractive micro lenses and lens arrays to diffractive optical elements, both in silicon and fused silica. These are used in high speed components requiring very high coupling efficiency, such as WSS, Coherent - ICRs, ACOs, Modulators, μITLAs and TOSAs & ROSAs for 100G/400G/1T components and modules. Axetris operates its own 6” to 8” wafer MEMS foundry in Central Switzerland where our customers benefit from excellent product value, consistent high product quality and outstanding customer support.


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