ATD Electronique

ATD Electronique offers innovative components dedicated to imaging applications for the European market: image sensors (CCD, CMOS, InGaAs, Thermal), optics, interface circuits, imaging processors, cables and M-OLED displays. Historically started with Sony 27 years ago, ATD Electronique’s offer has been enhanced in the past with ams (formerly CMOSIS and Awaiba), Fairchild Imaging, Varioptic, Geo Semi and eMPIA. It continues to expand with MPression IPs, high-end cables from OKI Electric Cable and recently SWIR sensors from SOFRADIR.


SONY Image Sensors

  • New CMOS Global & Rolling Shutter Image Sensors
  • For Industrial, Surveillance, Automotive & Medical
  • From 0.4MP up to 100MP

ams (CMOSIS/Awaiba) Image Sensors

  • High-speed Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensors
  • Resolution from 0.3 MP up to 50MP
  • High Speed Line Scan Sensors
  • Miniature Endoscopic Sensor: Naneye 1mmx1mm

Fairchild Imaging by BAE Systems

  • sCMOS Global & Rolling Shutter Sensors
  • Thermal Imaging


  • InGaAs Sensor (VGA resolution)
  • High Performance for SWIR applications (0.9μm-1.7μm)
  • SWIR Imaging for FA, ITS, Security, Defence, Hyperspectral…

SONY Micro OLED Displays

  • Ultra-Small OLED Displays
  • High Resolution (Full HD) & high contrast
  • Fast Response Time

Macnica Mpression

  • World’s first SLVS-EC Receiver IP for FPGA
  • New Generation Sony CMOS Image Sensor Interface
  • Software IP Solutions for Video & Interfacing

VARIOPTIC dynamic Lens

  • Liquid Lens Solution
  • Variable Focus, Auto Focus applications
  • Close Focus Ability & Fast Response Time & Shock Resistant


  • Fixed /Various Focal Lenses
  • Machine-Vision / FA Applications
  • Ultra-High Optical Quality

OKI Electric Cable

  • Machine-Vision Interface Cables
  • Optical Fiber cables
  • FPC (Flexible printed circuit) cable

GEO Semiconductors

  • Industrial Camera Processor
  • Geometric Processor eWARP®
  • Advanced Image Signal Processing (ISP)


  • USB2.0 - H.264 Grabber
  • Converting HDMI into USB 2.0 + PCI Express


  • ISP SoCs for Security & Automotive
  • Analog to UHD Technology

TELIT* Via M&P Electronics S.r.l.

  • loT wireless modules (Cellular/WiFi/Bluetooth/GNSS)
  • loT Connectivity and loT Portal managed services


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