Innovative Optical Scanning Solutions

ARGES has been a pioneer in the laser sector for over 20 years. In addition to the production and development of a versatile applicable range of scan heads, ARGES offers individual, customized designs, as well as the realization of complete laser-subsystems for the integration into laser systems.

Supportively to an in-house construction department, software and hardware development and production, ARGES provides application and material science laboratories. Therewith it is possible to accompany the customers in demanding projects with specific sampling and material analysis from the beginning on and to develop custom-fit solutions to the required application. The laser scanning systems are used in the micro and macro laser processing in a variety of fields, such as automotive, electronic or photovoltaics industry, in medical technology or at universities and research centers.

The products we are offering include:

2D Scanheads

  • For all commercial wavelengths
  • Available in a wide range of aperture sizes
  • Available with analog and digital interfaces

3D Scanheads

  • For all commercial wavelengths
  • Available in a wide range of aperture sizes
  • Available with digital interfaces

Customized Scanheads / Optical Systems

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Science and Research

The close collaboration with universities and the participation in manifold research projects ensure us to stay ahead in innovative product developments, based on the latest technological opportunities.

ARGES products and solutions are spread all over Europe, Asia and the USA – the export rate is about 60%. Our customers are companies in laser plant engineering, mechanical engineering as well as manufacturing companies.


Precession Elephant 2 The scan head for high-precision drilling and cutting

The Precession Elephant 2 is the leading industry-proven scan head for complex and precise drilling, trepanning, cutting and micromachining applications. It offers maximum flexibility for the production of innovative drill hole and edge geometries with different conicities, taper angles and shapes. Its detailed process control options ensure high-quality, burr-free and reproducible micromachining for mass production with low downtimes.

The Precession Elephant 2 can be used to produce perfectly round, elliptical, and custom-shaped micro holes. Hole diameters between 25 and 700 μm, an aspect ratio larger than 12:1, a diameter repeatability better than 0.25 %, and full taper angles larger than 16 degrees are possible. The process control and set-up options include sample observation and measurement, extensive laser monitoring, as well as tools for softwarecontrolled beam alignment, polarization control and calibration.

The Precession Elephant 2 is available for ultraviolet, green, and two infrared wavelength ranges, each with two different focal lengths.

This state-of-the-art scan head is used in numerous factories around the world in 24/7 operation, together with femtosecond and picosecond lasers from a wide range of manufacturers. On request, ARGES also provides laser-specific customization, subsystems that include laser and beam path, customer-specific software-extensions, laser process development and sample production.

Application fields:

  • Automotive industry
  • Filter industry
  • Textile industry
  • Medical technology
  • Micromachining

High-precision drilling and cutting using the Precession Elephant 2 is possible in metals, ceramics, silicon, glass, polymers and many other materials.

To control the laser process, the Precession Elephant 2 offers:

  • A suction cup for integrated particle extraction
  • Through-the-lens vision module with internal sample illumination
  • Polarization control for sharpest edges over complete circumference
  • High-speed laser stop for consistent edge results on exit surface
  • Energy monitor for long-time process stability
  • Optical beam attenuator
  • Confocal detector
  • Plasma emission sensor
  • Single pulse energy measurement sensor
  • Beam position and profile monitor