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At the Pulse of Light

APE GmbH is one of the worldwide market leaders in the field of tunable ultrafast laser pulses, their generation, characterization and management. The worldwide operating company is located in Berlin, Germany, where all products are developed and manufactured in house.

APE has more than 20 years of experience and is well-known for its Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs), autocorrelators and many other products that make work with lasers easier on a daily basis. APE devices can be found in many universities worldwide and are used for basic research in physics, biology and medical sciences. However, their use is not limited to universities and today they are used in many industrial and medical applications as well.

Ultrafast Pulse Diagnostics

APE offers a large range of devices for the characterization of laser pulses for your specific application: APE autocorrelators measure the pulse width from 10 fs ... 400 ps for almost any wavelength range from UV to MIR. The latest innovation is an autocorrelator for the UV-Blue range that does not require the presence of a second wavelength. Different models of autocorrelators are available, for example an autocorrelator that can be used with a microscope. A FROG option for phase resolved measurements is also available.

The Spider family is designed for phase resolved ultrafast pulse measurements beyond the capabilities of FROG. A new model for IR pulses around 1 μm wavelength was recently introduced to the market. APE also offers laser spectrum analyzers for different wavelength ranges of CW and mode-locked laser systems. Featuring high resolution and supreme ease of use, several versions are available, to allow measurements of wavelengths ranging from 200 ... 6300 nm.

Optical Parametric Oscillators /

Parametric Amplifier Optical parametric oscillation is a non-linear process in which a short wavelength pump beam is converted into two tunable beams (Signal and Idler) of longer wavelengths. APE Optical Parametric Oscillators are available for a variety of pump lasers. They can be directly operated with the laser beam without additional amplifiers. The OPO product line consists of synchronously pumped OPOs with MHz repetition rate for fs and ps for both fixed frequency pump sources or Ti:Sa lasers. The APE OPOs were recently redesigned with a new platform for more automated tuning, easier handling and better customer support. They are ideallight source solutions for various multiphoton microscopy variants, such as MPE, and coherent RAMAN microscopy, e.g. CARS and SRS.

APE OPOs are available with different pulse width and output power. Also OPO pump sources with different pump powers and pulse widths are available as of now.

In 2016 APE has announced the AVUS femtosecond OPA, providing widely tunable high-energy pulses and high repetition rates.

Wavelength Conversion

APE offers a series of frequency converters for ultrafast lasers. With the HarmoniXX series it is possible to access wavelength ranges beyond the capability of laser or OPO systems. It offers modules for frequency doubling (SHG), tripling (THG), and quadrupling (FHG). Also, a version generating the difference frequency (DFG) from two input wavelengths is available to access wavelengths in the MIR.

Pulse Management

For applications that need reduced pulse repetition rates, APE offers pulse pickers (including double pulse pickers) and cavity dumpers for various mode-locked laser systems. The series of optical delay elements offers the possibility to generate a defined linear shift of an optical component.

Accessories / Modulators

APE also offers a variety of handy tools for everyday use in laser labs, e.g. peak power indicators, and modulators.