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Ultra-Compact High Efficiency Liquid Chiller System
22 December 2017, 16:19 pm – OptoIndex

Aspen Systems introduces the LCS-600, a new turnkey liquid chiller system. The LCS-600 is a result of Aspen Systems’ cumulative years of expertise in supplying OEM refrigeration solutions to the military, medical, laser and electronics industrial markets and it is ideal for a multitude of applications, particularly where compact size, minimal weight, high efficiency and industrial-class reliability are essential. 

The LCS-600 incorporates the popular liquid chiller module the LCM-600 from Aspen which is used in numerous OEM applications.  The LCS chiller adds a fluid reservoir, circulation pump and controller to provide a turn-key solution with excellent temperature stability of less than ±0.1 °C.  The LCS-600 can be used as is in a variety of applications.  What if you need higher cooling capacity, flow rate, pressure, etc.?  As experts in refrigeration, Aspen Systems can provide a unique solution ideally suited to your application.