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07 August 2017, 08:43 am – OptoIndex

The standardized and pre-mounted wall modules (the certified passive barrier, active and passive windows and door modules) allow an easy and fast construction of a mobile protective barrier or of a laser safe cabinet in combination with standardized profiles.

To match all known optical power densities different wall materials are offered. Based on the well-known Laser-Spy sensor also active wall segments can be realized.

For visual inspection of the process laser protection windows are used. Depending on the dimension and the material of the window the sheets are mounted into the barrier using additional frames or the module itself consists of a large plastic window. For the wavelength range between 820nm and 1100nm the active window can be integrated. For a mobile set-up each segment will be equipped with wheels.

The cabinet system product family will be continuously expanded in order to offer standardized solutions for more and more applications.

For more details regarding the barrier system, requests or for product demonstrations to the complete laser safety portfolio your contacts at LASERVISION GmbH&Co.KG are available at any time.

laservision as one of the leading manufacturers of laser protection products develops, manufactures, services and distributes CE certified laser safety goggles, curtains, small filters and cabin windows made of many different plastics and mineral glasses as well as laser safety curtains and large area laser protection (barriers and cabinets). The laser safety products meet at least the valid norms EN 207/208, EN12254, EN 60825-4 and others.