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SPETEC relaunches its clean room technology modules
09 August 2018, 10:08 am – OptoIndex

Intelligent, optimized laminar flow system for clean rooms.

The name of Spetec's SuSi product range comes from "super silent". And Spetec has taken this as its guiding principle as it relaunches its clean room technology modules. As a result, the revised Laminar Flow Module boasts improved air flow characteristics and energy-saving fan technology.

In addition, Spetec's Laminar Flow Modules now feature monitoring and smart devices. It is now possible to control and assess the introduction of clean air to match the load and degree of contamination from any location. This is implemented in close cooperation with the customers to meet their precise requirements.

The FMS Laminar Flow Module makes it possible to equip a workplace with clean room facilities simply and cost-efficiently. The module is fitted directly above various types of workplaces or over a machine. The ambient air is drawn in with a radial fan and forced through the filter. This creates a laminar flow. In other words, the filtered air flows in parallel layers. Particles are trapped by the parallel airflow and transported out of the space.

The Spetec Laminar Flow Modules of the SuSi series are now characterized by even lower noise emissions. The main filter is housed in a filter cartridge that is screwed to the module. This means that the filter can be changed either from the top or the bottom with just a few simple steps. Here, Spetec uses an H14 filter, which provides clean room conditions of the class ISO 5 directly beneath the Laminar Flow Module. The modules are available in six different formats to meet any requirement.

What's new:

  • Improved air flow characteristics
  • Energy-saving fan technology
  • Monitoring capability
  • Lower noise

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