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Available at FRAMOS: SLVS-EC RX IP Core for Xilinx FPGA’s

FRAMOS officially launched the first SLVS-EC RX IP Core for easy sensor interfacing with FPGAs from Xilinx on May 15. The proprietary FRAMOS FPGA module available with an Evaluation Kit, connects SONY’s latest high-speed SLVS-EC interface with

FRAMOS: News from ON semiconductors

The 1" optical format XGS 12000 and the 1/1.1" optical format XGS 8000 enable compact 29 x 29 mm² camera designs due to their small package size and low thermal profile. These devices provide superior image quality with high quantum ef

FRAMOS Sensor Tech Days 2018

The third FRAMOS Sensor Tech Days conference, held from May 15 to 16 in Hamburg, Germany, will offer the ideal platform for vision system developers to share information and exchange ideas. This workshop will feature exclusive presentations by SONY J