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01 February 2019, 10:47 am – OptoIndex

Arden Photonics will once again be exhibiting at Photonics West 2019 and will introduce our latest member of the FGC fiber geometry measurement family.  The FGC-GA Array Geometry Measurement System is the ultimate solution for measurement and process control for V-groove array production.

Features and benefits include:

Measurement of core to core pitch, X-offset, Y-offset and V-groove block geometry 

Lateral adjustment stage and image stitching for measurement over a 15mm array width 

Flexibile software can adjust for different fiber types (SM, PM, MM)  

1200µm field of view allows simultaneous measurement of up to 4 cores, decreasing overall measurement time 

Arden Photonics custom array holders available depending on customer requirements
If you are visiting Photonics West in San Francisco please stop by our booth # 5544, we will be delighted to meet you!
For further information please visit our website:
or email  info@ardenphotonics.com