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25 August 2023, 11:53 am – OptoIndex

August, 2023: The OPTIX GUARD Series introduces a range of options, from budget-friendly solutions to high-end performers, ensuring that every requirement is met with precision. Our multi-sensor systems cater to various distances, including short (up to 3 km), middle-range (up to 10 km), and long-range (up to 20 km). These capabilities are made possible through the integration of cooled/uncooled thermal imaging and color cameras.

 The heart of OPTIX GUARD lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate a variety of sensors:

  • Mid-wave and long-wave thermal imaging cameras.
  • High-performance color cameras.
  • Precision long rangefinders.
  • Accurate DMC (Digital Magnetic Compass).

These sensors are perfectly co-aligned on robust and continuously rotating pan/tilt platforms, ensuring a surveillance solution that excels in real-time target detection, recognition, and tracking over vast distances.

Learn more about the technical parameters HERE