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Precision CNC polished optical lenses
03 October 2018, 15:04 pm – OptoIndex

EKSMA Optics CNC lens production facility allows us to offer high flexibility in manufacturing of small batches or even single spherical / aspherical lenses at optimal prices. We can handle your request from specifying and designing a custom lens to prototyping and volume production.

Spherical or aspherical surfaces of traditional optical materials like N-BK7 glass, Fused Silica or great variety of other glasses can be designed and polished to highest specification requirements. High precision surfaces can be produced starting from 1/4 up to 4 inch in diameter.

Surface precision and polishing quality of produced lenses are tested at our quality control laboratory using new and advanced nanoscale contour & roughness measurement system and interferometer.

Lenses can be provided with custom optical coatings designed and produced in internal EKSMA Optics coating facility. Anti-reflection coatings with R<0.05% for customer specified laser wavelength can be applied on the finished lenses using advanced Ion Beam Sputtering technology.