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08 September 2017, 08:18 am – OptoIndex

Developer's kits are now available for our newest "all-in-one" micro positioning stage. 

The M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stage has a 15mm travel range and moves loads of 200 grams (horizontal orientation) or 100 grams (vertical orientation). This is more than 2x longer travel and 10x greater load capacity than our original M3-LS-1.8-6 micro positioning stage.

As with all M3 modules, the piezoelectric micro motor and all drive electronics are completely integrated in the tiny stage housing. There is no external control board, making it fast and easy to integrate into OEM instruments.  

New Scale Technologies develops small, precise and smart motion systems for critical adjustments of optics, and many other micro positioning applications. Our tiny "all-in-one" motion modules with embedded controllers are easy to integrate into next-generation instruments for medical, scientific and industrial applications. They speed development time and deliver best-in-class performance in handheld, portable and laboratory systems.