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New Scale's M3-RS-U-360 rotary microstage is now available as a Developer's Kit
21 December 2017, 13:49 pm – OptoIndex

This rotary piezoelectric microstage offers 360 degrees continuous rotation at up to 1,100 degrees/second, with an accuracy of 0.25 degrees. It measures only 12 mm in diameter including the embedded controller.

As with all M3 modules, the piezoelectric micro motor and all drive electronics are completely integrated in the tiny stage housing. There is no external control board, making it fast and easy to integrate into OEM instruments. 

Smallest size, high resolution The M3-RS-U-360 Rotary Stage positioning module is a miniature “all-in-one” rotary positioning stage with built-in controller. The precision smart stage with embedded controller inside is only 12 mm diameter x 12.5 mm tall. It operates on battery power and is ideal for use in miniature instruments and handheld devices. The piezoelectric stage provides continuous 360° rotation with absolute position feedback. Patented piezoelectric motors along with position sensors, bearings, drive electronics and embedded firmware are all integrated into this rotary micro stage. Embedded controller means tiny size plus fast, easy integration The embedded controller in the micro stage gives you the smallest system size -- no need for an external controller. It also makes for fast, easy integration into your system. The smart stage accepts direct input of high-level digital motion commands from your system processor over UART, SPI, I2C or analog servo interface. Developer’s kits include a USB adapter for PC control, and New Scale Pathway™ software. Low power for hand-held systems The M3-RS-U Rotary Stage positioning module needs only 3.3 V DC and uses approximately 500 mW when moving. It can be powered by USB or standard batteries. The integrated piezo motor holds position without using power.