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New modular stepping piezo motors MSPA
18 November 2018, 14:36 pm – OptoIndex

MSPA modules ensure miniaturisation functions for fast micro positioning on unlimited strokes either linear or rotating: with typical sizes in the range cm3, these modules perform the tangential drive of a load by friction.

The load driven by a MSPA can be either the mobile part of stage or a rotor. Their tangential driving speed can vary from 0 to 50mm/s. Their driving force can reach more than 1N. When power off, the load is locked at rest, with a holding force up to 10N. In dynamic, the MSPA modules perform controllable micro steps of 5 to 25µm by inertial effect driving the load in stick slick. Because of its inertia, the load can be driven at constant speed. In quasi-static, the MSPA offer a fine positioning of the load, better than 1 nm in linear or 10 pico rad in rotating.

The MSPA allows the realisation of piezoelectric motors powerful and very reliable: the MSPA are based on the Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators APA® high reliability components benefiting of a large space heritage: The MSPA can work in vacuum and in a large range of temperatures from -270°C to 70°C. They resist to shocks and vibrations. They are cost effective because based on only one APA® needing only one electronic supply channel. The MSPA applications address the linear and rotating micro-motorisations for refocusing, goniometers, samples orientation, shutters, wheel filters, pointing mechanisms… The development of MSPA is supported by BPI France in the framework of Eurostars ELVISA project.