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Fiber geometry measurements for a wide range of fibers
16 May 2018, 15:12 pm – OptoIndex

News from Arden Photonics:
The FGC range is the complete solution for measuring the dimensions of standard and specialty fiber in production and R&D environments.

This optical system incorporates the latest developments in imaging, illumination and camera technology to give high quality images of a wide range of fibers.

    •  Measures a huge range of fiber sizes and types 
    •  Fast, repeatable, operator-independent results in seconds 
    •  Standards compliant
    •  Production ready - reliable and automated means lower cost of test

An efficient software package contains controls to switch between reflection and transmission mode.  This allows users to quickly and easily get both core and cladding geometry measurements.

The FGC range provides quick, accurate geometry measurements of the widest range of optical fibers.