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FAZ Technology accelerometers
07 August 2018, 12:11 pm – OptoIndex

The FAZ Technology accelerometers provide the highest vibration sensitivity for the widest frequency range in comparison to state-of-the art optical accelerometers. They are compatible with the low noise level of the FAZ Technology interrogator at high frequencies. Other benefits include:

  • Combination of wide frequency range and high-sensitivity
  • Unique patent pending technology
  • Very low cross-axis sensitivity (<-30 dB)
  • Flat phase response (<+/- 5 degrees)
  • Specific adaptation and certification
  • Unique combination of tilt and vibration detection possibility
  • Cable integrated form factor design available
  • Greater than x100 lower noise at relevant frequencies
  • Combined resolution benefit greater than x1000 in operation

Suitable for machine and structure monitoring, (marine) vessel monitoring and seismic exploration