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F27 - The light laser safety goggle with magnifier
07 August 2017, 08:31 am – OptoIndex

F27 - The light laser safety goggle with magnifier

Available with many laser safety filters for dental and derma treatments

Especially within the dentistry and its modern dental therapies laser safety magnifiers are necessary for absolutely precise laser treatments.

The new laser safety magnifier eyewear F27 combines the well-known goggle F22 with magnifiers of a famous and popular manufacturer supported by a special developed laservision adapter.  

The lenses can be individually adjusted and matched to the pupil distance. Due to the large number of available laser safety filters for this eyewear it hence is possible to support almost every laser safety treatment with a suitable magnifier.

In particular the combination with the HR2.5x/340, 420 or 520mm binocular magnifier nearly all micro-laser treatments within the dental or dermatological range can be covered.

More information regarding this innovation can be found on the web site: uvex-laservision.com or at your local laservision distributor or laservision directly.

laservision as one of the leading manufacturers of laser protection products develops, manufactures, services and distributes CE certified laser safety goggles, curtains, small filters, large area laser safety made of many different plastics and mineral glasses certified according to EN 207/208. Most of the standard products are additionally DIN GS tested and certified.