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EKSMA OPTICS presents laser crystals
10 July 2018, 13:06 pm – OptoIndex

Laser crystals of various materials including Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG), Yb-doped Potassium Gadolinium Tungstate (Yb:KGW), Yb-doped Potassium Yttrium Tungstate (Yb:KYW), Nd-doped Potassium Gadolinium Tungstate (Nd:KGW), Titanium doped Sapphire (Ti:Sapphire) and novel unique crystal – Lead Thiogallate (PbGa2S4) with dysprosium ions (Dy3+) co-doped by alkali metals are available from EKSMA OPTICS.

The picture shows Nd:Yag laser crystals. Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet - Nd:YAG laser crystal is the most popular lasing media for solid-state lasers.