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EKSMA Optics: Pockels Cells Drivers
19 August 2020, 09:37 am – OptoIndex

EKSMA Optics offers high voltage drivers with operating voltage up to 9.8 kV and HV pulse repetition rate up to 2 MHz.

Our drivers are tailored for specific laser applications, including Q-switching of flashlamp pump lasers, Q-switching of DPSS lasers, pulse injection into an amplifier, or for laser pulse picking that requires fast rise and fall time of HV pulse, cavity dumping, and CW beam chopping applications.

We also offer HV drivers for pulse picking applications featuring the capability of fast amplitude modulation of HV pulse.

High voltage drivers need additional HV power supplies. Power supplies can be provided as stand-alone lab type, or OEM type units or even integrated with HV driver into a single unit.

More details you can find here.