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CeramOptec to expand its portfolio with anti-reflection coatings
01 January 2019, 09:29 am – OptoIndex

CeramOptec is to expand its portfolio with anti-reflection coatings for the end faces of optical fibers and fiber bundles. As of now, anti-reflective coatings made from silicon dioxide (SiO2), aluminum (III)-oxide (Al2O3) and hafnium dioxide (HfO2) as well as other oxide compounds are to be realized in an ultra-modern vacuum coating system at the production location in Livani/Latvia.

The layers are to be generated through vapor deposition and generally reduce reflection losses from the fiber core and fiber sheath from seven to eight percent to under 0.1 percent. The anti-reflection coatings are available for light wave transmission ranges from UV-C to near-infrared light (NIR). One typical application is coatings for the optimized transmission of 266nm UV-C light.

With this portfolio expansion of anti-reflection coatings, CeramOptec is reacting to the growing industrial demands on the light throughput of quartz glass-based fiber products. Over and above this, the fiber optics specialist can now execute all steps of glass fiber production at its own production location. This secures high quality standards and above all shortens the delivery times for individual custom-made fiber products. The vacuum chamber erected in Livani provides ideal conditions for such products, also for the processing of custom products. With over one cubic meter of useful volume and an inner chamber diameter of 1100mm, the chamber is unusually large, which means that it can be used to process very long fibers and fiber bundles. In this way, the system covers the full spectrum of possible anti-reflection coating solutions for fiber optic products.

Prospective customers can find more information on the coatings portfolio and contact data for individual enquiries on www.ceramoptec.com.