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CEDRAT and Optosic create fruitfull collaboration
06 February 2018, 13:28 pm – OptoIndex

Dynamic and precise piezo tip-tilt platforms with silicon carbide mirrors for compact optical instrumentations in harsh environments.

Thanks to its partnership with OPTOSIC, CTEC is now able to offer piezo steering mirror’s mechanism providing the finest resolution while surviving and operating in demanding environmental conditions from the ground into space.  

For decades, mirrors moved with piezo-ceramic actuators have met expectations for extremely high precision standards & excellent reliability in laboratory applications. Outside the lab, in reconnaissance or aerospace applications, it is a different story. Environmental conditions, that the equipment is exposed to, are generally “not favorable”, an euphemism for “extremely harsh”, considering the tailored performance, precision and reliability. In space applications, from satellite setup and integration to the orbital operation through the launch process, the devices have to survive without damage acceleration, vibrations and shock in thin air or vacuum, surrounded by moisture and corrosive gases, large and quick temperature changes and cosmic rays. Under those conditions the ability to measure and transfer correct data is absolutely critical. Laser beams have to be deflected and steered, performance and survival of the airborne apparatus depends on their precision and long lifetime, without maintenance.

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