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Berliner Glas supports Strahlemann Talent Company
17 December 2018, 15:05 pm – OptoIndex

The Berliner Glas Group is a family company steeped in tradition that places great value on young talent and training within the company. For example, at least 15 apprenticeships in various disciplines are offered annually in Berlin. The high-tech company is looking for young talents with backgrounds not only in business administration, but especially in the natural sciences. Berliner Glas is taking a special approach to get students excited about its business early on. A generous financial donation supports the Strahlemann Foundation, which brought the Talent Company to life.
The Talent Company deals with all topics related to career orientation at school. It literally creates a space for students to meet with companies, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders, cleverly connects all involved, and makes this multifaceted opportunity more transparent for everyone.
The goal of this project initiated by the Strahlemann Foundation is to establish long-term and sustainable cooperation between schools and companies so that as many young people as possible are able to jump right into their careers after completing school.

With the financial support of 10,000 euros, Berliner Glas will sponsor a “Talent Company” at the Hermann-von-Helmholtz School in Berlin Neukölln. Together with the Strahlemann Foundation and local teachers, a multimedia room designed according to modern standards is being created that will be used solely for vocational orientation. In the Talent Company, Berliner Glas strives to offer a varied and targeted program for interested students in order to give them professional perspective and to show them the appeal of the Berliner Glas training. In addition to company presentations and career orientation days, trainees from Berliner Glas will regularly be present at the Talent Company in order to answer all of the students' questions about vocational training offered by Berliner Glas such as precision opticians or metal cutting machine operators, as well as questions about everyday life at Berliner Glas.
“We are of the opinion that we have to actively approach students. Nowadays, in this competitive labor market, it is no longer enough to just post open jobs and hope for applications. This is why we have decided to promote this school with scientific backgrounds specifically. Of course, the short distance to the Berliner Glas location is another plus. We are very confident that we are investing in the future of Berliner Glas with this funding,” says Dr. Regina Draheim-Krieg, HR Director at Berliner Glas.
The official contract signing ceremony will take place on December 19th. The grand opening of the Talent Company at Hermann-von-Helmholtz School is planned for spring 2019.